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Marketing technology and the challenges it brings for B2B

Marketing Technology and the Challenges It Brings for B2B

Considering the rate at which technology is advancing, it’s a fool’s errand to try to stay in front of the latest developments. Most marketers are more concerned with staying on board with the latest, but that can be pretty confusing too when there are so many concerns on the table. A vocabulary rich in buzzwords won’t get the job done, nor will a whole suite of sophisticated marketing tools that nobody knows how to use properly.

So, for the small- to medium-size business with limited marketing resources, what are some concerns to focus on? Continue reading

Tape your mouth shut for 3 days

Are you listening?

Surprising advice by Stuart Symington, CEO of Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB) in South Africa. What’s he getting at? Something deeper than just peace and quiet in his daily life, I’m sure.

How many business meetings or professional discussions have you had where you’re left feeling frustrated at being talked at the entire time without the opportunity for discussion or reflection? How many times have you yourself done that to other people?  Continue reading

Is the B2B printed brochure dying?

The end of the printed brochure?

Mark Hanley, president of Massachusetts-based consulting house I.T. Strategies, recently asked me for my opinion on the state of the market for printed brochures. Do printed sales materials have a future or are they on their way out? It’s a great question, and one which is brought up time and time again by marketers in meetings I attend.

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The drive for more business credibility and returns from marketing

Marketing is dead

I recently read an interesting Harvard Business Review blog post “Marketing is Dead” exploring the views of CEOs on Marketing and business credibility. In the post, author Bill Lee states: “…. CEOs have lost all patience. In a devastating 2011 study of 600 CEOs and decision makers by the London-based Fournaise Marketing Group the result was that:

  • 73% of them said that CMOs lack business credibility and the ability to generate sufficient business growth
  • 72% are tired of being asked for money without explaining how it will generate increased business
  • 77% have had it with all the talk about brand equity that can’t be linked to actual firm equity or any other recognized financial metric….”  Continue reading

5 ways to use market research to drive your content

Use market research to drive content

Content can be the most effective resource in your marketing toolkit — especially if it’s based on research.

Reporter Nick Clunn recently wrote an article based on a little-noticed study that showed many school districts didn’t adequately protect student information. His article took a cumbersome study published by Fordham University’s Center on Law and Information Policy and turned it into an easily readable and interesting piece. This is a great example of using market research to produce content relevant to your readers — in this case, every teacher, student, and parent in the country! Continue reading

Losing the marketing race? Keep your eye on the right ball.

Losing the marketing race?

As a CMO, have you ever had to stand by and witness a smaller, more aggressive competitor win the marketing race against your own, market-leading company? And yet be able to do little about it?

Toward the end of 2013, I met the CMO of a medium-sized company at a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was (figuratively) pulling his hair out over being caught, as he saw it, in a competitive situation that he and his team were almost powerless to influence. And he was having difficulty seeing a solution that could support top management’s strategic objectives. Continue reading

3 ways to brand your brick-and-mortar company online

Brand Your Brick-and-Mortar Company Online

Traditionally, marketing has been a one-way street, focused on pushing a message out to the world at large rather than interacting with a community. But with the Internet, businesses now have tools at their disposal to move from simply positioning slogans and sound bites to connecting directly with potential customers.

Online branding is especially important in the B2B space because companies aren’t looking at billboards to find other businesses to deal with; they’re doing research online, trying to save time by finding out as much about a company as possible before ever picking up the phone or setting foot in a store or office. Continue reading

5 cost-effective internet marketing methods that could keep your company afloat

Internet marketing methods

It can difficult to view any type of advertising strategy as being affordable or cost-effective when your company is behind on bills and is struggling to stay in business. However, if profits are low and you’re not generating enough income to keep up with financial obligations then attracting new clients/customers may be the fastest way to get out of debt and facilitate a turnaround.

While many business owners are under the erroneous impression that internet marketing is an expensive, high-tech luxury, the truth is that online outreach is a surprisingly easy way to spread awareness and generate quality leads. Furthermore, there are many ways to appeal to a targeted audience on the web with little to no monetary investment required, especially if you operate in a business-to-business industry.

Here are 5 internet marketing methods that can be used to keep your company afloat, even if you have nothing to invest but your own time: Continue reading

Updating your corporate identity? Read this first…

Which direction

Imagine your company’s new brand expression is the Sydney Opera House. Designed and built by the professional architects you hired to replace your tired old building, the new structure is a thing of beauty. It’s visionary, one-of-a-kind. It looks great. And it’s memorable. In fact, your employees and customers are already complimenting you on a job well done. But will your Opera House still be impressive 12 months down the track? Or will it have become an eyesore that will have management wondering whether it was worth spending all that time and money?

Continue reading

New B2B technology in 2014

New B2B technology in 2014

It seems like new cellphones and gadgets are released every day. There are many obvious technology solutions used by B2B companies today, like cellphones, computers, and software. Where will 2014 take us? Maybe it’ll be smart watches.

This year, we saw Samsung come out with the first viable smart watch for consumers, but it really wasn’t very popular. Samsung priced the smart watch at USD 300. Most people spend less on their cellphones. So why would they spend this on what is essentially a smart phone supplement? Continue reading

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