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New B2B technology in 2014

It seems like new cellphones and gadgets are released every day. There are many obvious technology solutions used by B2B companies today, like cellphones, computers, and software. Where will 2014 take us? Maybe it’ll be smart watches.

This year, we saw Samsung come out with the first viable smart watch for consumers, but it really wasn’t very popular. Samsung priced the smart watch at USD 300. Most people spend less on their cellphones. So why would they spend this on what is essentially a smart phone supplement? Continue reading

Power up your product launches with a Voice of Industry

Many B2B companies focus their activities on that most holy of events, the product launch. The entire company tends to run like mad toward each launch just as small boys playing football all swarm around the ball, leaving the remainder of the playing field practically empty. It’s a costly affair, and one upon which the company’s sales and organizational energy can be highly dependent. But this kind of traditional, explosive product launch is quickly becoming a dinosaur.

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